Available now at the Brewery & Kitchen

Roastin Beaniez never felt so right.

Hoof Hearted Coffee was formed out of our love for all things tasty. We love killer beer & vino, stellar food (especially that of Chef Justin), and of course, a great cup of coffee, so why not take matters into our own hands? Hell, the second beer we ever brewed was a coffee beer. We like the stuff, we need the stuff, so now, we make the stuff. Comprende?

And why be all JoJoGenero about it? We like to get nerdy. That’s why we have a focus on using naturally-processed, single-origin beans. They’re true to the respective terrior, tasty as drip and pour over options, and complimentary in flavor and aromatics to the style of beers in which they will be added.

As if that’s not enough, we’re currently the first company in the state of Ohio to offer Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a can. Keying in on complimentary bean blends yields flavor that satiates the tried and true roasty, chocolate-forward coffee profile while adding notes of bright red and blue berries with a healthy dose of the land in which it was cultivated.

We all have vices. Let us be the peddlers. DeathBeforeDecaf